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Free Investment Buyer Representation!

January 20, 2020 - 11:42 AM EST

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Free Investment Buyer Representation!

That's right, as our investment buyer client you get all of Team Palmer's powerful market intelligence, financial analysis, professional care, and due diligence 100% free of charge! For most projects1, our fees are paid by the seller, even though we exclusively represent2 your interests as the investment buyer.

So what're you waiting for? Let's put our heads together and get your next project started!

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1 - One exception is the rare "For Sale By Owner" seller who won't co-operate with investment buyer's representatives. Should you purchase one of these properties, you'd be expected to compensate your agent directly.

2 - Be sure to review the NC Real Estate Commission's "Working With Real Estate Agents" brochure, a simple guide to who's representing who in agency relationships.