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Sell Overview

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Sell Overview

Each seller has specific needs, objectives, and requirements. Succeding in your next sale is like solving a puzzle. You have to master the market, the message, and the execution process to create the optimal solution.

Whether you’re trading up, downsizing, relocating, or just need a change of scenery, we can help. A seller with ValuePlus Properties on their side is a Dynamic Seller!

Dynamic Selling™

  1. Hire an Agent – Your agent should have the right smarts, game plan, and personality to be your trusted advisor.
  2. Get Smart – Educated sellers get top dollar and sell faster.
  3. Get Ready – A property in good shape, shown in the best light, gets the best offers.
  4. Market It – A powerful marketing program gets YOUR propety sold, not the competition's!
  5. Accept an offer – How you handle and negotiate incoming offers can make or break your selling project.
  6. Execute the Contract – Stay vigilant, the money isn't in the bank until it's closed.
  7. Close the Deal – A final walkthrough, a HUD-1 to review, some documents to sign, and it’s sold!

Services For

  • General Sellers - Our Dynamic Selling™ system nets you more, with less effort to worry-free real estate success…
  • Tennis Home Sellers - Selling tennis friendly homes is our specialty…
  • Investors - Our Dynamic Selling™ system maximizes your ROI…