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General Seller Services

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General Seller Services

Want excellent representation by caring real estate professionals? Looking for a guide to help chart your course to Real Estate Success? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re relocating, trading up, rightsizing, or just need a change of scenery, we bring the knowledge, skills, and attitude to engineer your real estate success. With ValuePlus Properties on your team, you have the power of our Dynamic Selling™ system and our unique approach to doing real estate right.

As our client, you’ll receive:

  • World-class guidance and service to set and achieve your goals.
  • Personalized information and coaching at every step:
    • The easy to follow processes and frequent status updates of our Dynamic Selling system keep you in the driver's seat and on course.
    • Explanation of all the standard real estate forms involved1 so you’re comfortable with what you'll sign.
    • Personal web page to easily track your selling project.
      • Project plan of important milestones, tasks, and dates (completed and planned).
      • Showing log and feedback.
    • ValuePlus Neighborhood Tracker subscription, to keep you up-to-date with everything real estate in one neighborhood.
  • Powerful Market Intelligence to guide selling strategy:
  • Projected Net Proceeds Analysis
  • Customized marketing program design and execution:
    • Your marketing strategy, forged with our 4-P's of property marketing2 and implemented in our Dynamic Selling system, helps identify, engage, and secure the best possible pool of potential buyers for your property.
    • ROI based home staging and improvement strategy.
    • Strategically driven, we apply appropriate elements of our marketing toolbox to make those offers appear.

1 - A veritable library of more than 60 forms and addenda covering practically any real estate deal and situation, jointly approved by the NC Bar Association and the NC Association of Realtors.

2 - Product, Price, Presentation, and Promotion, our version of the classic marketing mix. Since 99.9% of properties sold never change place (distribution), our third P (Presentation) involves staging and experience management instead.