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Get Ready

Whether you’re selling a single family home, condo, townhouse, duplex, or otherwise, you should carefully prepare your property for marketing. You want buyers to connect with it, visually and emotionally, to promote a quick sale at the highest possible price. Your Goal: Love at First Sight.

We'll help you form a plan of attack to maximize your return on time and investment. Now's probably not the time for a major kitchen remodel1, but repainting some cabinet faces and new trim panels could net you many times their cost. Every type and size of property can benefit from thoughtful preparations to achieve immediate and profitable results. You might:

  • Perform a thorough cleaning and un-cluttering of closets, cabinets, attic, garage, back-yard, and basement to enhance appeal inside and out.
    • Unclean = uncomfortable. Prospective buyer encountering a dirty stove or strong odors may become apprehensive about inspecting any more of the property.
    • Clutter-free homes feel more spacious and inviting.
    • If you can’t clean it, paint it. Freshly painted rooms in pastels and neutral colors make a great first impression.
    • When it comes to furniture, less is more.
  • Fix up the exterior and interior. Be sure to allocate enough time to complete repairs, especially if you need to hire contractors. You might:
    • Patch nail holes
    • Replace overly worn or stained carpet
    • Fill cracks and holes in the driveway
    • Secure loose railings, fittings, and fixtures
    • Replace broken or cracked glass
    • Install the highest wattage light bulbs each light fixture allows
  • Enhance curb appeal. You don't want prospective buyers driving by without bothering to see the inside, do you? You only have one chance to make a first impression, and it WILL last, good or bad. You could:
    • Freshen up the landscape, trim the shrubs and low tree branches, add some colorful plantings, heap the mulch
    • Paint the front door
    • Paint the mailbox and post, and make sure they're solid and plumb
    • Clean the cobwebs
    • Paint the trim
    • Powerwash the sidewalk and steps
    • Install a brass kick plate, new hardware, new porch lamp, new door
  • Stage the property to appeal to all the senses. Each room should make a buyer want to stay and generate a positive imprint long after the initial visit. Home hunters will look at dozens of properties before making an offer. Careful selection and placement of your accessories can help buyers discover your home’s potential.
  • DO NOT show the property until all preparations in your plan are complete. Negative first impressions don't generate offers, at least not the kind of offers your property deserves.

You don’t have to go overboard with major improvements and spend thousand of dollars in the process. You just need to be smart about making the right combination of improvements that can double or perhaps triple your return.

At, ValuePlus Properties, our agents will help you position your home for success. We know which repairs and home staging strategies return the greatest value and help sell your home faster and for more. Sometimes all it takes is someone to view your property objectively, as seen through the buyer’s eyes. Don't worry, we're very polite, but we're not in the least bit shy about telling you how you might maximize your value and enjoyment from real estate.

1 - At the national average, you'd only recoup 79.4% of the cost of a major kitchen remodel, according to Remodeling Magazine's Annual Cost Vs. Value Report. Job cost: $42,660. Resale value: $33,890. Job: Update an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen with new cabinets, laminate countertops, and standard double-tub stainless-steel sink with standard single-lever faucet. Include energy efficient wall oven, cooktop, ventilation system, built-in microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposer. Add custom lighting and new resilient floor. Finish with painted walls, trim, and ceiling. Include 30 linear feet of semi-custom grade wood cabinets, including a 3-by-5-foot island.