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Dynamic Buying Overview

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Dynamic Buying Overview

We want you to have a successful property purchasing experience. A Buyer who's well-informed, well-prepared, and well-represented by a knowledgeable agent has a much better chance of achieving their real estate goals. A buyer with ValuePlus Properties on their side is a Dynamic Buyer!

The first and most important of the 7 Simple Steps of Dynamic Buying™ is finding the right agent to guide you through the process. Our buyer's agents are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to getting you the most home for your money. It makes all the difference to have a ValuePlus Properties professional Realtor© working for you.

7 Simple Steps of Dynamic Buying™

  1. Hire an Agent – The right agent for you has the right smarts, game plan, and personality to be your trusted advisor.
  2. Arrange Financing – Pre–approved buyers are power buyers. Know how much house you can afford and how to shop for the best loan.
  3. Get Smart – Educated buyers get the best homes and deals.
  4. Do Your Search – You know what want, let's go find it!
  5. Make an Offer – Your offer details can make or break your whole buying project.
  6. Execute the Contract – Can't slack off now, it isn't done 'till it's closed.
  7. Close the Deal – A final walkthrough, a HUD-1 to review, many documents to sign, and it's yours!