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4. Do Your Search

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4. Do Your Search

Now that you’ve got your team in place, your finances lined up, and your head filled with smarts, let the search begin! The basic process is simple:

  1. Use your objectives and MSO’s to identify prospect properties.
  2. Evaluate prospects through successive levels of scrutiny, advancing the best to higher levels while sidelining the mediocre.
  3. Level Description Avg # of Prospects
    Remote Sensing Pre-qualify candidate properties from the comfort of your computer1. 100
    Drive-By Experience the neighborhood and surrounding area from the comfort of your vehicle2. 40
    Showing Kick the tires in person. The original form of reality. 20
    Repeat Showing This one's getting serious, you met it once, time to get to know it. 3
    Due Diligence You're really smitten. Your team will help you investigate the property and its surroundings in greater detail, from several perspectives3. 2
    Make an Offer You know what you want, you know what it's worth, let's go get it! 1
  4. Add detailed prospect findings to personal databank.
  5. Use new knowledge to refine MSO priorities.
  6. Repeat until an offer is made and accepted.

As always, the devil’s in the details, but our team is here to guide you at every turn and help you organize your all important personal databank. All important? Yes. The fundamental purpose of the search process is to elevate your market awareness, your innate feel for the value and utility a prospect property offers, to the point that you can recognize “The One” the moment you experience it.

1 - We're fortunate to live in and age of amazingly rich real estate information. Photos, virtual tours, aerial photography, school performance, comprehensive geocoded data sets of points of interest, transportation projects, parcels, tax records, crime statistics, floodplains... we boil it all down and bring it to our clients as pertinent, actionable intelligence, not as an overwhelming flood of raw data.

2 - You'll be amazed at how different things can seem in person compared to via Remote Sensing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes just right, better schedule a showing.

3 - All that organized effort is paying off! This step can help ward off unpleasant surprises and buyer's remorse. Even better, it can provide additional clues to help structure the best possible offer, the offer that's accepted and creates the greatest value for you.