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5. Make an Offer

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5. Make an Offer

Hooray, you’ve found “The One”, let’s make it yours! Did you know there are thousands of offer variables besides price at your disposal? Every parameter should be considered and set according to your unique situation and objectives, the extensive intelligence your team has compiled on the property and its competition, and the offer strategy best suited to the situation. Your team will help you make these choices and write them into your offer.

Key Offer Parameters

  • Price
  • Method of Payment
  • Personal Property
  • Closing
  • Earnest Money1
  • Inspection Contingencies

The Offer

An offer is a legally binding contract that, once accepted by the seller, commits you and the seller to fulfilling all contractual terms and conditions to complete the transaction. Each party to the contract, you and the seller, will have specific obligations to fulfill and tasks to complete while executing the contract. We’ll prepare your offer using the Offer to Purchase and Contract, Standard Form 2-T, jointly approved by the NC Bar Association and the NC Association of Realtors.

General Offer Making Process

  1. Determine and set offer parameters and strategy.
  2. Complete the Offer to Purchase and Contract2.
  3. Present the offer to seller or seller’s agent.
  4. Negotiate counter-offer(s), drive to mutual contract acceptance.

1 - You should review The NC Real Estate Commission's Earnest Money Deposits brochure (take note, you'll want to start reading on page 2, not page 1, an artifact of the way this print piece is captured in its Adobe Acrobat file).

2 - Before making an offer, you should understand property disclosures the seller may be required to make and the rights you may have as a result.