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  1. Tennis Home: What is it?
  2. Tennis Home Search: Not Adding Up?

Tennis Home: What is it?  (top)

A tennis home is a great place to live when tennis is an important part of your life. Tennis homes support and simplify the tennis life. They're in communities with plenty of fellow tennis enthusiasts. Tennis homes are close to quality tennis facilities, public and private. Many tennis homes include exclusive members-only (or homeowners-only) privileges at dedicated private courts.

Tennis Home Search: Not Adding Up?  (top)

When you do a Tennis Home Search, you probably expect that adding the resulting homes with a Neighborhood court plus the homes with a Private court would equal All tennis homes, right? So did we. But it doesn't always add up.

We've found that some of the other firms' listing agents (those NOT affiliated with TriangleTennisHomes.com or ValuePlus Properties) aren't as familiar with the special features and value of Tennis Homes as we are. Sometimes they describe the tennis features of their listings in non-standard ways. While this usually takes the form of indicating a home has a private court when it, in fact, simply shares a community court, we've seen other interpretations as well.

So just call one of our Tennis Home Experts at (919) 362-0037. We'll get the courts sorted out for you right away!