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Our Web Advantage

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Our Web Advantage

Web sites are interesting critters. They seemingly popped out of thin air in 1993 or so, and fueled the hyper-growth of a huge new Internet economy. Which grew too fast, taking us into the irrational exhuberance of 1999, and the crushing boom-to-bust of 2000. Now, just 5 years later, web sites are a pervasive, dare I say essential, thread in the fabric of our lives.

And for good reason: they let you get important stuff done, on your own schedule, at your own pace, usually privately, more or less anonymously. They are the self-service answer to everyone's do-it-yourself dreams, serving our most basic needs to take charge, to feel empowered and competent to steer our destiny. That's the ideal, but only the best designed web sites come anywhere close to ideal.

Since our web site is our surrogate, caring for our clients and visitors on our behalf around the clock (we hope), 365 days a year (we're trying), we're making a huge investment in its development and operation. To get as close to ideal as we can. For you. Because we believe you're worth it, and we believe you'll benefit from the difference:

  • You're in control, empowered with the the tools you need to take charge of your home buying or selling process.
  • Designed just for you through user-centered design.
  • Organized with intuitive tabs and menus that allow you to accomplish what you want to and find what you're looking for with minimum effort and maximum results.
  • Customized, up-to-date home search tools that make it easier for you to find the properties you're interested in.
  • Detailed property search results that are highly readable and printer friendly. Photo albums, virtual tours, maps, they're all right where you'd expect to find them.
  • We translate all the cryptic codes that normally fill MLS detail sheets into human readable text. No codes to decipher!
  • Our site adapts to text size settings you choose with your browser. You can display the website's text larger or smaller, depending on you preferences, using Internet Explorer's View:Text Size menu.
  • No frivolous ads or distracting pop-ups to waste your time.