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Visual Inventory

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Visual Inventory

Our Visual Inventory is a geographic depiction of Residential TMLS IDX Listings on a particular day. It provides our clients, at-a-glance, a bird's eye view of Triangle activity.

In the sample shown below, we've shaded the map according to the average list price of residential listings within each US Census defined Block Group1. Depending on each client's objectives and project plan, additional property or region attributes may be visualized using these or additional techniques, at this or additional levels of geographic summary.

Sample at Census Block Group Summary Level

1 - The US Census Bureau keeps track of geographic boundaries for data tabulation purposes. In addition to geopolitical boundaries, they create various census geographies, such as the Block Group. A Block Group typically consists of between 600 and 3,000 people, and is the combination of, on average, 40 Census Blocks, the smallest unit of census geography.